I know opinions are like rear-ends…everybody’s got one, so here’s mine! 

Let me start by saying, I’m an imperfect follower of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus died for ALL people, from the beginning of time till the end of time! He died and rose from the grave three days later, so that we can be forgiven of all of our sins and have a relationship with our Creator (which we didn’t earn or deserve)! So, our responsibility as forgiven Christ follower is to live our lives, the best we can, in a way that pleases our Creator and mirrors the life of Christ. Thankfully, our Creator left us the Bible and Holy Spirit to help accomplish this mission. God loves the people of THE WORLD very much!


My concern is that we as Christians are so passionate about our convictions that we lose sight of the bigger picture.  Our goal in life is not to convince people that they are wrong because of the way they live their life, our goal is for people to see Jesus in every part of our life. As a result, people will naturally want to know what is SO different about us.

One the other hand, there are some Christians don’t have any conviction and won’t stand for anything on the planet.

What’s crazy about living in 2012 is that everyone can get on facebook and communicate their opinions (kind of like I am). My only question is, when we use social media to communicate our passionate convictions, are we pointing people to Jesus, or are we trying to convince people to “be the kind of Christian I am”? I’m not saying that you can’t point people to Jesus by voicing your convictions on facebook, but what I do know is this.

People that aren’t followers of Christ can and will use the “current Christian conflict” on facebook as a classic reason to have nothing to do with Jesus! I understand that we need to stand firm on the things that the Bible say are sin, and I also know that we should spend our lives investing in the the things/people Jesus invested in.

All that said, Jesus was REAL clear about the best way to point people to Him when He said this in scripture “A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. BY THIS EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE MY DISCIPLES, IF YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER”. John 13:31-35

Hey, last time I checked, it’s a free country and I’m not the facebook police, so do whatever the heck you want…


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Title less (like the golf ball)

Not good at creative/cute titles to blogs.

A lot of people post different types of blogs. Some are serious, some are inspirational, some are dumber than a bucket of chicken beaks, some are spiritual, some are soap boxie and some are pest-peeves. Today, I’m gonna post a pest-peeves!

“I didn’t mean to interrupt.” So, let me get this straight. I was talking, then you “accidentally” started talking over me.

When the person that inflicts the pain (hits a friend in the go-nads) says “that didn’t hurt”. Really? Are you magic? How do you know if it hurts?

I could only list two pest-peeves because my time was cut short by “the pastor”

Love Love!!

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hi y’all

So, it’s an understatement for me to say it’s been a looooooong time since I’ve even opened my blog, but that’s neither here nor there.

Not really…
I’m not talking to you!

Check please

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Ok, I’m probably the most inconsistent blogger…on the planet. Oh, and considering I have a blog, you would think I would blog about my new daughter, who is now two months old. But, I’m not a betting man, so…

I would love to introduce to you my beautiful daughter, @sophiagraceinmon & her big brother, @lukeinmon!!!

Sophia is beautiful like her mother @rachinmon!!!

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Two men and a baby

Hey, Christians, let’s not show our self-righteous rear-ends over this issue…I know that’s a strange thought, but let’s think before we react.

When you turn your nose up, or gasp in disbelief at the culture God has strategically placed you in, you’re not being a “good Christian” for “standing up for what you believe in”. You’re, actually, giving people that don’t know Jesus a reason to continue to not know Jesus. It’s great that you are trying to behave in a way that’s “holy”, but let’s remember that our “holy behavior” is rubbish in the sight of God and if it wasn’t for the grace of God through Jesus, we would all be screwed!!

Living a life that reflects scripture is great, but not if it results in elevating ourselves above others. I’m not saying the behavior of other people can’t make you uncomfortable, I’m just asking that we don’t act like idiots and say things that would make us sound like a Pharisee….especially, if our true motivation is that we just don’t want to have to explain to our kids why two men adopted a child…

Considering I’m typing this on my phone, at work, I’m not even going to list the examples in scripture of how Jesus interacted with/approached people living an “immoral” life as a result of never being change by him from the inside out.

So, what are yall having for dinner?

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aggravation station

Many of you may know that about 7 months ago I ruptured a disc in my back that resulted in emergency surgery. The ruptured disc was on a nerve going down my right leg, which was a LITTLE uncomfortable, and the surgery was to get the disc off of the nerve. That surgery was a success in terms of of fixing the nerve, but the disc problem that I’ve had since high school, still remains. I say all of that not to throw myself a rocking pity party, but to give you some background info for the week I’ve had.

Last Thursday night, in the middle of the night, I tweaked my back by rolling over too quick or something because I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. By the end of the next day, friday, I couldn’t get home and in bed quick enough. Let me briefly describe what “being down in my back” means. I can’t straighten my right leg when I walk, I can’t stand up straight, I can’t be on my feet for more than a couple of minutes, the thought of putting on socks or shoes is laughable, and a constant pain in my lower back/right hip/right butt cheek…just to list a few.
For you visual learners…if you’ll notice, my spine is not very straight.

Last night, as well as every other night this week, I was wide awake at 4:oo with the strong desire to read the Bible. So, I got out my iPad, turned to James, and began to read. James 1:2-4 was, without a doubt, what I needed at 4:00 am…
“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trails of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish it’s work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything”. The application of this verse to my current situation is pretty self-explanatory, and to be honest with you, this communication between me and God is long overdue. In my relationship with God, I really struggle with hearing from God. I’m 100 percent sure that the breakdown in communication is on my end, and to be honest(again) my lack of discipline is a major issue for me…but I’m working on it. The fact that I’ve been on my back with nothing to keep me busy or distracted, has really helped me to begin a HABIT of spending time with Jesus and in the word of God.

Anyways, what are you doing with your “trial”…developing your faith through perseverance, or developing a heart that immediately becomes self-absorbed with a “why me” attitude? Trust me, I can relate to how easy it is to get down because of circumstances. A common misconception about God is that He wants us to be happy in life. The problem with that is that the word happy comes from the word happenstance, which means that our “happiness” is determined by the circumstances in life…that isn’t what God wants for us. I don’t want to preach too much, but the Bible talks about a Joy that comes in a relationship with Jesus, that is not based on what this world does or doesn’t do. It’s based on Jesus and the sacrifice He made on the cross so that we could have a hope when our circumstances seem hopeless and a peace that passes all human understanding.

Well, this blog is long enough…I could barely get through the proof read. NO SHAVE NOVEMBER

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Call it phone etiquette or “your prerogative” but we all have different ways of handling phone calls, text messages, voicemails, etc… For example…when you see a number that you don’t recognize, what do you do? Do you stare at the number willing the phone to literally tell you who’s calling, do you block the number and let the voicemail pick up, and if they don’t leave a message you assume it must not have been very important, do you eventually let curiosity get the best of you, and call the number with the ol’ “did I miss a call from this number”shpeel, or do you answer hoping it’s PCH (publishers clearing house) with a big announcement that they started calling the winners instead of going to their house as a result of gas prices?

You know what drives me crazy? When my friends, who will remain nameless, leave me a voicemail saying “hey, it’s me. Call me back”….that’s a waist of my time and theirs. I would rather get a 2 min voicemail of nonsense that makes me giggle aloud. 10 out of 11 times, I will see that I missed your call and 3 out of 11 times, I will call you back!!!

What are your Phone Pet Peeves?

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